Welcome to Maelstrom, a Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy LARP. The World of Maelstrom is one of mystery, discovery, and high adventure where players (you) participate in an elaborate story. The people of the world have lost their past and live in a society that has dissolved into shadows of its former glory and is threatened constantly by the destructive forces of the Maelstrom. It is up to you to determine its fate.

200 years ago it split the world and birthed the Maelstrom. Called the Sundering by most, no one knows the “why” it happed but everyone know the “what”. It began with a world vast and beautiful, of massive oceans, rolling plains, dense forests and breath-taking mountain ranges, inhabited by peoples of many exotic races and whose city’s where grand and the knowledge grander. Then the Quakes happened, the ground spilt open and a dense fog poured out of the cracks. Black and indigo, it came forth, and as it grew in size so did the intensity of the quakes. Magma spit from the earth, lightning of crimson and violet struck the earth and circled endlessly through the fog. Oceans flooded the land, other dried to a bone, forests burned and cities crumbled. In the month that followed many perished and most was lost. Then one day it exploded sending chunks of land hurling of into the heavens. Where once a glorious world stood at the center of existence now grows a vicious storm, the Maelstrom, the center of oblivion.

After the Sundering, when the survivors exited the safety they had found, they returned to a desolate place alien to what was once their home. 4 Realms are all that remain, drifting through the Æthyr, lost to each other, not knowing that more than just the ground they stand on is all that remains of their great world.

Since then it has been a game of survival, never knowing it the next day will be your last. The denizens of the Maelstrom, The vicious and twisted Stormlords captain flying ships from the storm to the various realms, enslaving those they capture and destroying the rest. Strange beasts never seen before stalk the nights and kill with ravenous power.

Life is a fight to survive; society is nearly non-existent, with small villages being the pinnacle of civilized life, law and order upheld by the sword. Nothing is sacred, nowhere is safe, struggle to survive, survive to struggle. Simply put, life is hard, and it’s getting harder.